September 12, 2004

For nearly five months, the Harry Potter books have sat in my possession… unopened, unread, unloved. Kinda like Harry Potter himself, I’ve come to learn. Anyways, since opening the first book yesterday, not long after coming home from the St Louis Chili Cookoff, and just after exiting the bathroom, kinda dissapointed because I had absolutely nothing to read on the can, I’ve been hooked.

Maybe it’s because the story is eerily similar to many anime series I’ve been fond of in the past. The main character kinda sucks at life, but always keeps his head up, Tupac style. He has hidden unlocked powers and talents that are bursting at the seams that he doesn’t even know about, yet he’s still the underdog that everyone roots for, hoping that his powers come out all Tsunami-like to bust a cap in the ass of evil. His past is as mysterious as it is majestic, and he has an arch nemesis that everyone loves to hate. Mix this up, simmer for a minute, and you have all the ingredients necessary to make a tasty five bean soup of anime goodness.

It might also be because it’s written at a fourth grade reading level.

That could be it. Me not that smart.