September 29. 2004

Spent the last week and a half in Milwaukee, where unfortunately, I did not have internet access. Apologies goes out to the tens of singular numerical denomonations of fans that have anxiously awaited an update on JOB’s mental health and thought patterns.

Anyhoo, the situation is still hairy. I still don’t know what’s going on, my life is still on a crazy spiral that I have no control over. It’s like everyone knows what’s best for me, but me. I make the wrong decisions no matter what the decision is. Join the army??? Move back ten spaces. Choose full time employment over finishing school and getting a degree. Move back ten more spaces. Eat a Big Mac. Have a heart attack and die… please try again. Shoulda ate your Wheaties instead… Bo Jackson was on the box. I hear that equals extra ambition. 200 percent of the daily requirement. Doh!!!

I don’t have much to write as of this sitting. My mind has been a blank slate lately. All this stress is really taking a toll on my mental health. Stress and waiting, waiting and stressing out. Stressing out and trying to stay away from as much human contact as possible without locking myself away and flipping out. Goose frabba. Whatever… I got powerball tickets. The jackpots 130 million. C’mon… daddy needs a new life!!!

Anyways, I’ll keep you guys updated. I’ll have more to write in the future…. hopefully.