October 1st, 2004

It’s October already. Man, how time flies. Pretty soon, I’m gonna turn twenty five, I’m gonna start making old man noises when I bend over, I’ll fart when I pee, and at that point… staring at high school chicks is gonna feel wrong. Wait… it’s been wrong for like five years now… nevermind that last part.

Anyhoo, my thought for the day is that time doesn’t wait for you. One minute you’re “hip” and “fresh”, the next minute… some punk kid is laughing at you for saying “hip” and “fresh”. But that’s just a small portion of what I’m trying to say.

Change is a good thing, and don’t ever let anyone tell you different. Kudos to the dude that ground up some spices and funky smelling stuff and invented curry. My taste buds salute your ferocious geniousity. And shame on all you cats that are happy with your boiled and salted meats and don’t want to try anything out of the ordinary. Curry is the shit, get on the bandwagon.

Okay… now I’m making no sense.

Back on track. I’ve witnessed too many friends and family members waste away their lives because they were too afraid to open their eyes to the ever changing environment around us. So many goals and dreams becoming stagnant because of a phobia towards change and the risks involved.

The guy that is too afraid to get on the dancefloor, because he thinks he’ll look like a jackass, is the one who’s making out with his right hand at the end of the night, dreaming of what could have been.

Don’t let that lonely, lonely, lonely, pathetic guy be you. Be the guy that doesn’t care if he has pitstains, raising the roof, while jamming to the Debarge’s Rhythm of The Night. Someone is more likely to dance with that guy, than the guy trying to look cool in the corner, ice grilling the DJ for playing bubblegum hip hop all night.

Be a chrysalis, emerge from your cocoon. Be someone different, even for just a day. Experience something new. Don’t regret one day of your life.

Now I’m just rambling, so I’ll stop. Post a comment.

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