October 3rd, 2004

I still don’t have this “post a journal entry every day” thing down pat yet, I just don’t have many astonishing feats of life like other people do. My life is one big boring facet of suck, one tiny facet on the larger cut of a flawed gemstone of suckiness and bland tomfoolery. Not many exciting things happen in the suburbs of St Louis. Sure, you have your group of Suburban “thugs” that like to sit on the front steps smoking Marlboro Lights, listening to Nelly and thinking they’re hardcore… but the only thing they’re rolling up on, is a dirty hospital cot after I get done whooping that ass for looking at me funny. I’m crazy, mah bizzle.

[/B Boy Stance]

Aside from that, there really isn’t much to write about. I’d post about what I’m thinking at the moment… but lately, it’s all been about how I’m gonna save enough money to buy that sweet new Mitsubishi Evolution MR. The one with the upgraded turbo and the six speed manual transmission. I drool thinking of that car. Kinda like how Ralphy drools over that bonus Red Ryder BB gun… but instead of shooting my eye out, I’ll rack up speeding tickets like no tomorrow. But it’s all good…. it’s all in the persuit of happiness.

Also… Pornography. I think about pornography a lot too. The kind that involves midgets and power tools… the hard to find stuff. Sure the other stuff may work just as well… but being different makes life interesting. (see previous post… Vol 1, Part 6)

Anyhoo, it’s getting late, I’m not making sense… I’m going to bed. To dream about fast cars and electric powered midgets.