October 10th, 2004

Here we are… second week of October, the air is starting to get crisper and colder, and my daily cleavage watching hijinks are slowly coming to a close. Man, isn’t summer grand??? Aside from that, this week is also the week that I have decided to make a resolution of my own if nothing arises from my interview nearly a month ago. For those who don’t know, or don’t care to read any of my other Blogger Logs… I had an interview a month ago for this “supposed” boku job, that everyone and their mom wants. To make a long story short… I waited four months just for the interview itself, and now it has been a month since the interview took place, and I’m still waiting.

I don’t know exactly why I’m still here waiting either. It might be because I’m now kinda interested in how this is gonna pan out. It might also be because I want something to bitch and moan about for the rest of my life. It might even be because I’m a dumbass. See also: Procrastination, Lack of motivation, spite towards the Lord Jeebus, etc, and so on.

But after this… enough is enough. You have my word.