Ever since I got my Live subscription, I’ve been playing waaaaay too many video games lately.  With Rainbow Six Vegas, and Crackdown…. I’ve been on my 360 daily, and for hours on end.

When I was younger, I used to play games so much that elements of the game started entering into my dreams and shit.  Like if I were playing Super Puzzle Fighter, or Bust A Move or something, I’d start dreaming of bubbles or puzzle pieces and shit in my sleep.  Or I’d just dream of shit that was in game, all freaking night.

Anyhoo, so I noticed that subconsciously, I’d be thinking of random video game strategies when I’m out and about driving around town.

Like a couple of weeks ago, when I was really into Rainbow Six Vegas, I was driving down a street coming up to this little church/preschool real late at night after work.  I was kinda half asleep but super alert cuz I was driving  and all.  I look up at the school, and all the lights were on… nothing weird.  All of a sudden, the janitor comes into view and it looks like he’s walking up the stairs to the next floor.

I fucking slow my car down and pull over, keeping my eye on the guy real intently.

Here’s the kicker…. I was pretty much setting myself up on the street to get a sniper rifle ready to fucking snipe this guy.

After a second, I’m like… WTF am I doing???  I laugh it off and head home feeling like a complete dumbass.

I’m glad no one was in the car.

I also catch myself looking for fucking green orbs every now and then too.

Fuck, I’m crazy.