Y hello thar.  Buttsecks???

It’s been awhile everyone, I’ve had much on me head, but I haven’t the time to write it all down on notes or whatever, so I’ll just start to rant on like normal… feel free to drop off at anytime should the brain pains start to kick in, from lack of sense making on my part.

Here goes.

A lot of shit has gone down since my last visit here.  I seriously don’t remember what event occurred last time I did an update.  I remember Skelator singing YMCA in Chinese, but I could hardly call that an update. Anyhoo, I’ve been upgraded at work… but ever since then my work life balance has been out of whack. I mean, what I do now, I can hardly call work, I go out, hang out with cool people all day, fuck around and get paid for it… but at the end of the day, when Microsoft Pawn Vista Home Edition is supposed to  take over in place of the Professional Edition, but it can’t because work seems to ooze it’s way back into every facet of your thoughts, shit gets hard to deal with.

I get home, and all I can think about is whether my people are selling for me, whether I did what I needed to do when I was out in the field, and whether my people are trained up to speed. On top of that, it kinda seems like my boss is trying to catch our team in some sort of twisted game of slacking off. The job is awesome, but the lack of trust that the higher ups have makes you feel uneasy, and makes you question if you are doing what you need to be doing, and you aren’t slipping up…. and that shit can’t be good when you got a monkey like that on your back, now can it?

Well, enough about that… I’m trying to get away from work, and here it comes again.  You fucking whore you. You just can’t go away, can you???

Off to some randomness… that’s what you came here for right???


If you could take yourself, as you are now, and split it into two identical beings, with the same experiences up to that point, who will have no connection whatsoever, (so no super powered mind melding shit where you would know what the other was doing, feeling, etc.. and vice versa), would you rather…

Live life as the original you, living as normal, having the same shit, being with the same person, living life like nothing ever happened???

or would you rather take on  the existence as your double. New life, fresh start, leave all the bad shit with the original you, but then with no connection to anything you’ve accomplished up to this point whatsoever???

I guess there are underlying questions of whether you’re happy with your current life now, and whether you’d be able to just say fuck it, dip out and start fresh again… but let’s  see what you’d think.

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